what clothes do u wear during gigs/practice?


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dont think this ones on here yet but hey..seen many gigs round the local area and everyones different with wot they wear.
some go for looks and others go for comfort.

i prefer either jeans or shorts and a t-shirt.cool and comfy..


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as off late our bass player has wanted us to dress to a code so it has ben work pants ie dickies ben davis and button up shirts and a tie so is hella hot and un comfey to play so be happy if you got on shorts and a T.


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Our band has a sponsor that made our shirts, so we wear that. Our choice for pants.

Shoes are the important factor here. I usually play in socks, but I also have a pair of water shoes in my case. The thin soles let me feel the pedals and work with them. Unlike hard sole shoes.
it depends how i feel if i wanna i wanna hook up with some groupies or ganna go to a party after the show i go for style and comfort strechable jeans r the best they r oso comfortable and at shirt that it and i got to have a wrist band and a shit load of tawols cuz after i play i look like i just jumpoed into a pool


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black tshirt and jeans (because I sweat like a mofo and am not a fan of highly visible, huge sweat circles under my arms ;) )


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Athletic stuff for comfort. The occasional hockey jersey because the only thing cooler than drumming (excluding marital acts - kiddies me be on!) is HOCKEY!
comfort all the way...as long as it sorta goes with the music. would be a bit wierd(but also amusing) seeing a 6"4' tall pastey goth with LONG black hair and foot long spikes comming out from everywhere playing a jazz/soul gig :D

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Summer- shorts and t-shirt
Winter- jeans and t-shirt
Casino gigs we must wear black pants and a collar shirt.

I try to do some type of cool looking shirt. My wife's favs are the Affliction shirts from The Buckle here in the states.