What chu' drinken on?


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This is just me wondering what everyone else drinks.... I don't know why I wanna know this, but im drunk right now and it seems like a good question.

My favorite beer is probably Schlafly's or Killians

Booze would probably be Jameson

Cider would definatly be "K"

I would also like to shout out to Captain Morgan for giving me the poops :x


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I like whiskey, preferably jack daniels
I like scotch too, 12 year scotch doens't matter what kind...

for beer, kokanee gold is good...

As for "inhaled intoxicants"
only done it twice, probably won't do it again... but who knows...
It was free so I took the offer :lol:

I never drink when Im playing or before I play though


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Cheap scottish Beer - Tennents!!!
Liqour - Taquila, Sambuka, Jaegermeister, Absenthe

Also love Scottish or Irish whiskey....no offence but american Whiskey is far to sweet!! bleh!

.....I'm not an alcoholic!!

Also I usually only have one pint before a gjg.


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Karlo123":8yoel5vj said:
Im not alcoholic and dont drunk. I dont need that. U will just suck with it.
YA! I'll drink to that :lol:

Seriously, dont worry about what other people do. It's impolite. Just accept the fact that I was drunk when I started this and will some other time be drunk and start a new stupid discussion.

And as for sucking with it?.... hmmm..... thats not what she said. Haha.



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Usually double or triple whiskey and coke... But Boddintons is good too.
Went off lager cuz I drank too much of it... :s


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I find drinking to provide much more wear and tear on body and soul
If you wanna listen to anybody, listen to Keef Richards
He stated that drinking is worse than heroin
I think he would know

There's nothing wrong with drinking as long as you keep the repercussions to yourself
If you can drink and play then cool
It all comes down to how you handle it


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Rockula!":3bsad4i6 said:
I prefer my intoxicants to be inhaled

but when i'm boozin i'm either drinking Shiner Bock, or some cerveza. Shiner is my go-to beer...it goes with anything, a meal, a show, a movie, a sunday drive (oops, maybe not that last one)...but you get the idea.


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It's Dr. Pepper right now. Miller High Life and Hot Damn (not mixed :p ) when I get home. I like Vodka too. Vodka and tonic, orange juice, cranberry juice... doesn't matter.

I will never-ever drink whiskey again. Big steak dinner, whiskey, then steak dinner out the nose! I hate you Makers Mark!