What cases should I go for?


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What drum cases do you recommend? I thought about Hardcases but they're quite expensive... :? Will I have any problems with Starcast mounts (I mean - should I buy larger cases, e.g. 13 inch case for 12 tom with starcast?) Any feedback appreciated:)


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It all depends on the situation. If you're carrying your own drums in your own car, then hardcases may make it hard to fit everything. I use soft cases (bags), and have never had a problem with any dinging or denting. And I can fit everything on my drumkit except for my second kick drum in a 1997 Nissan Altima. :wink:


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I'd also go for soft cases. Unless you are a pro and hire a roadie, you have to carry everything around. I have a set of custom made soft cases and never had any problems with them. They are more flexible and most importantly- they are light.


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I use Humes & Burg Enduro cases. They are molded plastic and are real durable. They are hard to get in and out of a small car, but if you have a lot of money invested in your gear they will protect your investment. I have Pearl drums with the optimounts and I have no problem with the drums fitting in the cases. I would suggest looking online at Interstate music or AJ's Pro Percussion. You can buy the cases discounted there, so you can save some money.


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i have only 1 case and its for my snare, an skb 14x16 hardcase, and that alone cost me $85 usd. i never have to worry about my prized posession with that case but it does come at a high price.


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I'd also recommend Hardcase because you can adjust the height of the case, thus fit mor drums into one case.


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loop":3n7rtijd said:
What drum cases do you recommend? I thought about Hardcases but they're quite expensive... :?
Well, regardless of prize; A hardcase will protect your drums and hardware, while a softbag is fake security. It may sound expensive, but I assure you; It may be quite expensive to buy new drums also. A tip is to contact a carpenter, preferably if you now anyone personally, and ask him to make some cases for you. Just as good, and probably cheaper than buying from a professional manufactorer.

I have five hardcases all together:

one for stands and hardware,
one for 10", 12" and 14" toms,
one for 16" and 18" Floor toms, 14" x 8" and 14" 5,5" snares
one for 22" bassdrum
one for (second) 22" bassdrum


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depends - on your kit, it's value, and your individual needs. I would prefer SKB hardcases all the way, but right now it's not practical. I have this cheap Export kit that I only teach off and play at gigs, so I have softcases. I just got a Protection Racket softcase for my kick and it's awesome. The construction is super durable and the zipper is in between the middle and the top making for easy set up and pack down. I use Gator hardcases for my snare and cymbals. Cheap soft cases for my other drums. But the best advice I would give is never impulse-buy. It pays to do your homework first.


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Soft cases are fine if you are moving all of your own equipment.(you'll be a lot more careful) If your helpful bandmates or roadies are helping you better get hard cases. I have both. I usually use Protector hard cases and Humes and Berg Enduro cases.


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i bought a hardcase for my snare pretty good investment :D and for a hardcase it was cheap.

my local music store was doin a stagg 14"x7" snare hardcase for £27.50. thats pretty cheap me thoughts.

havent done alot of gigging so am thinking bout investing in soft cases as am not a pro drummer and prob wont be traveling to other countrys anytime soon so no need for hardcase for the rest of the kit.


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tamadrumboy":1rxdpyyx said:
If you can afford them, get custom made cases for your kit...Greatest investment ever!
If you move your own drums, soft cases are fine. I've got SKB Cases because I don't move my own gear anymore, but I'd really like to look into getting cases like the ones you posted...

Where did you get these cases... where can I get them, and what is the approximate price for cases like that??


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I have recently fallen in love with Protection Racket cases. I have my congas, snare drums, bongos etc in these cases. They are fur lined, well padded and easy to carry. I now prefer them to hard cases. It is worth remembering that if one drops a hard case, the drum suffers the shock unless you add padding to the case.

I also use a large Gator padded traps case to keep small percussion instruments in and am well pleased with it.

I also have many hard cases and prefer them if on the road for a long tour in a bus or truck and using roadies.

As with anything, it all depends on your situation.