what are your brands?


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mine are
zildjian/sabian 1 ride 2 crashes 1 china
greatch -set 1 snair 4 toms 1 bass
dw- pedals double bass 7002 pedal
sticks-(at gutar center they have stick bricks 12 pairs for 12$ cheap but awsome) 5 A/B


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Tama Drums
Tama RoadPro Hardware
Yamaha Pro-Bass Pedal
Zildjain Cymbals
Vater Sticks
Remo Heads & FALAM Patch
Sony Earphones
alcohol!! :D or water....


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tama toms and bass
spaun snare
evans heads
sabian ride, 2 crashes, splash
wuhan china
zildjian hihats, china
paiste crash
roc-n-soc throne
tama/pacific stands, iron cobra pedals
gibraltar misc. hardware
promark, vic firth, regal tip, ahead, vater sticks
Tama drums and Hardware
Orange County Drum and Percussion snares
Vater sticks (Fusion and Sugar Maple Fusion)
Paiste cymbals
Evans heads
Shure mics


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C & C Custom Drums - bass drum, tom, and 2 floor toms

Tama Drums - 2 snares

Ludwig Drums - 1 snare

Orange County Drums and Percussion - 1 snare

Remo, Evans, and Aquarian heads

Zildjian cymbals - hi hats, crashes, splash, china, ride

Paiste cymbals - ride

Vater and Pro-Mark sticks

Rhythm Tech - ribbon crasher

DW - hardware and hi hat stand

Tama Iron Cobra bass drum pedal

I think that's it.