What are the most musical Z Customs?

Looking at upgrading my cymbals and prooly going to go with the Z customs, for shear power and duriblity. As I can't be paying for new cymbals every year or so. I currently use 10 or 11 or it can get costly.

Anyhoo, I now have an 18" rock crash, and I hate it. I don't play all that hard all the time, so I'm not prone to breaking cymbals, never broke a "good" one in my life. ShouldI be looking into the A Customs? I know they will sound better?

Are the Projection models better sounding I guess is my real question?


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projection model are loud
they cut through music
if you playing with loud music (metal, rock)
then those are your
as far as musical, z customs arnt
they are made to be hit and hit hard
if you want musical and durablity
get A custom projection
i have an 18 and it rocks.


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My impression of the Projections is that they are slightly heavier, thus arguably LESS musical; I don't really notice much difference in actual "projection", at least not from behind the kit. Try the 19" Thrash Ride; A great med weight crash, and as the name implies, awesome for that crashy style riding.


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A custom medium crashes make my day. Z customs are just meant to be bashed upon.....hope no one hurts me for saying that. And i dont prefer the projection type on either line of cymbals. they give it a thick bellish kinda sound if you know what i mean....ah i dont no how to describe it. but i hear it.
MasterShake89":1t0fob7i said:
they give it a thick bellish kinda sound if you know what i mean....ah i dont no how to describe it. but i hear it.
Theres alot of indescribable things about any musical instrument, lol.

Anyway, so what would you guys (and gals if your here) say is a "better", hate using that word in here, "all-round" then. Like could be used for metal/rock/country/ possibly jazz then?

Anyone know Chris Adlers A custom set-up from back in the day? Its in a MD article called Hot Metal from back in like 99 i think sound to long ago tho... I used to have that issue but it disapeared soem how...So anyone know?
dude i go threw a ton of thoes i use the 18"and 19" medium crashes and projection crash's,there made to beat the Shit out of,i do use them for alot for washing on and quick Accenting on. The projection crashs are very bell sounding sorta like a "fat" crash then..nothing,the A Customs are nice aswell i use there hats the mastersounds are nice im quite happy with them. Aswell as my 22" ping ride,I'm a Heavy Hittin Mutha Fucka when it comes down to it. Zildjians just not cutting shit for "ME" anymore im currentlly shopping for a new Company,My old Sabians didnt cut shit for my playing, right now im checking out Paiste & Meinl,to find somehting that i oike the the sound and Durablity,Durablity is a big key for me. Because I Tour nonstop :D


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I have an older A med ride that I use for heavier crash situations along with a K crash/ride. I used 20" Z powere crashes in my younger days, but found them to be a little gongy, not too musical. Just manhole covers that I could (actually HAD to) lean into. You could probably get decent sound out of the projection line of Zildjians with the durability your' looking for, maybe just let up on a bit on how agressinvely you attack the instrunebts.


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I dont really like the sound of the Z custom personally. i use all A customs, 18 in crash, 18in projection crash, 20 inch projection crash, 13 in mastersound hihats, 8 in splash. I would recommend A customs, they project, sound good, and look good as well. but are a little pricey and worth it.


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Depends on what sound you want. Z-Customs are very heavy-weight cymbals and really only have one type of voice. If you need a loud, penetrating cymbal, then great, but you cannot play those cymbals with nuance. They need to be hit hard. A-Customs (regular line) are a bright, fast responding cymbal that has a good dynamic range. However, you cannot use them for very loud situations as they are lighter-weight. The A-Custom Projection line, however, is something of a hybrid between the two. You get more volume and durability than the regular A-Custom line, but more musicality than the Z-Custom line. Something to note, though is that the Projection series works better in larger sizes (17"+). I have not been able to find a good sounding 16" Projection crash yet, but the 17" & 18" I have sound wonderful. Just my experience, though. Go check them out yourself and see what you think.


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if u want a nice sounding cymbal..id go with Zildjian K custom session (steve gadd series) thoses babies are just awesome..


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if u want a nice sounding cymbal..id go with Zildjian K custom session (steve gadd series) thoses babies are just awesome..
i have a 16" Session Custom crash. I love it. Not a good cymbal for those who like to bash, though. It is very thin.