What about The TAMA swingstar?

middlemaniac":dya5sp08 said:
This guy that lives near me is selling this kit(TAMA swingstar). It would only cost me 200 dollars. Is this a good deal? Are the cymbals good?How do the swingstars compare to the imerialstars?

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... :IT&ih=010
the imperialstars are basicly newer versons of the swingstars

and i like the swingstar kit persaonaly dont kno about the cymbals not realy a zildjian guy but yea it's a great deal
middlemaniac":3vk3m5lp said:
do you know how old it is? I feel like there should be another cymbal, should there?
i cant tell how old that exact is but i got mine in 05

and the basic cymbal set up is Hats(usealy around 14in)crash(around 16in)ride(usealy around 20in)


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tama swingstars are crap. i accually have a set in my basement that im about to throw out. there no telling if the cymbals are good by just knowing theyre sabian. sabian makes great cymbals and terrible beginner vymbals just like any other company. i can tell you zildjians planet z line isnt good at all. honestly this is all really low line beginner stuff. i wouldn't waste your money


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get it. its about 5 years old probably but it doesnt look like it was used much. the cymbals are basically worthless but with all the money you save from buying a new set you could pick up an aax cymbal pack and another stand. i have a set of swingstars and once you get good heads on them theyre fine drums. xdoesonex, i realize that you may not like them but hes a beginner and wont be able to tell the difference between these drums and the mapex set, but he still understands that the mapex will cost him a lot more up front for a difference he wont be able to hear for a while. swingstars do sound good with proper heads and tuning and while theyre not the best they will last you as long as you need them to last. i suggest you get this kit and spend good money on a nice set of cymbals.