What about Paiste?! and Wuhan Chinas?


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we can give you an tip you want but we have to know what you want to know first. paiste has a lot of crashes and wuhan has a lot of chinas so what do you want to know about them?


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yeah i have 101 and they are really under rated, you should try out the pst3 crash/ride it sounds better than my old zildjian 18"


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I have a Wuhan 18 " china with 6 holes and 5 rivets. IF you're lucky as was I, you can find 'em cheap. Mine was only $40.

I got an old Paiste Alpha crash, not sonically matched with my other cymbals, but good in it's own sense.


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pearldrumer":2uq6sj4g said:
Hey would somebody give me a tip about a Paiste crash and a Paiste ride and Wuhan Chinas?? Thnx
Well atleast you picked a great cymbal line like paiste. I recomend the pst 5 line. I can financially afford all top of the line cymbals but prefer the lower line series because they don't break as easy and do the test your self with pst 5's against alpha's, 2002, Signatures... they do sound different but not enough to justify the huge price between them. The pst 5's have a professional sound comparable to their top end cymbals. I use power crashes because they are heavier but I prefer the medium weight crashes.

I'd don't know alot about the Wuhan chinas other than they are really thin and I've heard alot of people breaking them. So if your shopping on a budget a china is trashy anyway look into a entry level paiste or the pst 5 or Alpha series. Paiste has a unique china sound compared to any other company.

Go to the Paiste website and use the sound bites to find the cymbals your looking for... good luck


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Wuhan cymbals are cheap! and I have a 10 inch Wuhan China, rofl, it was 10 dollars so I bought it, I absolutely hate it but then again I love it for its price.


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I have a 12 and a 14 wuhan.. love them!!!.. especially the 14... they record really well... check out my vids and you'll see.. you cannot beat it for the price. I get all kinds of comments on my china before i even tell them what kind it is.
You check them out in my vids here at


Check out "Access Denied" it's used quite a bit in that one.


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I've had 12", 16", and 18" WUHAN chinas. They are a lot trashier and quicker than my Zildjian oriental china. They usually crack in 6 months to a year if you use them a lot. I WOULD NEVER BUY A WUHAN CHINA BIGGER THAN 14" EVER AGAIN. They simply break to easy. However, i do like the 12" china, it's good for quick little fills and accents for a unique sound, it kind of sounds like a stack (china on the bottom and a splash/crash directly stacked on top of it), Mike Portnoy uses them a lot. As for Paiste, I wouldn't know, because i love Zildjian.


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wuhan is kickass and they have a great price tag. They're smaller chinas are very thin though and may break if you're a heavy hitter (I've gone through two 12" chinas) but it's only $12 for a new one. They do record great too.


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I like Wuhan chinas, why? Because they are cheap and sound...well, TRASHY! To the max. On my current setup I have two Paiste chinas, a 16" prototype and an (old line, swiss made) 18" Alpha china and I absolutely love them both. I might change out the 18" and replace it with a Novo of the same size though. From my experience, (I have owned many a sabian, zildjian, and paiste) Paiste cymbals tend to be the most "particular" and focused...if that makes any sense. I still love my Zildjian Ks and Sabian vault crashes but Paiste tends to make more particularized cymbals whereas the aforementioned tend to have a wider range and can mix a little more easily than if one picks up say...an Innovations ride and a 2002 15" crash and has Zildjian K hats. (I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense.) The PST 5 line I have also owned in medium ride and hats format. Great deal considering what you pay for them.


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Paiste actually has a pretty good reference sheet that helps you match different product lines (PST5/Alpha/2002/etc.) and sizes to various volumes and styles. It's at www.paiste.com/products/mag/ - The Musical Application Guide. That will probably be a lot more helpful than a bunch of anecdotal comparisons.

As far as Wuhans are concerned - You get more than you pay for with them but at that price be prepared to replace them occasionally if you are a heavy hitter.

FYI - My experience with Paiste has been nothing but excellent. My band just recorded our new album and it's in post-production now. I used a Paiste Alpha Sessions Set (14" Alpha Medium Hi-hats, 16" Alpha Thin Crash, 20" Alpha Dry Ride), a 10" Alpha Thin Splash, a 16" Alpha China, a 20" Paiste 2000 ColorSound Heavy Ride, an 18" 2002 Crash, an 18" 2002 China (a vintage 80's model!), and an 8" Wuhan Traditionals splash.


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I love Sabian Cast cymbals for live shows, but I kind of collect cymbals now that are different or have unique sounds for studio purposes. I use an 8 in. Wuhan China that I totally love for fast accents that I stack on top of a 18 in Sabian Hand Hammered China.

My studio ride makes people laugh when they see and hear it. It is a very old aged dark 20 in. paiste hand hammered with dimples. Its only identity is a pressed paiste etching on the bottom side. People think its a old dark K when they hear it, but I think it sounds just a hint sweeter but still dry enough to not get in the way of your sound.

I cant say I like the tone of many paiste (strictly preference), thats why this cymbal amazed me. Apparently they dont make what they used to. There are alot of new companies that are even comparable to Sabian vault stuff in tone that are 70-150 bucks that are really wonderful. I say you need to hear the cymbal before you buy it. And most (with the exception of very few machined lines) cymbals of the same brand model sound different than the rest of the batches slightly especially hand hammered.

So sometimes hearing is the only way to know if its the pitch, tone, dampening, and decay that you want. Though if your on a budget and you just need cymbals to practice with 2-3 cymbals of different sizes is all you need. Just research and make sure that a certain Line/Batch arent prone to cracking being most cheap cymbals have a large portion of tin in them. Cast and hand hammered cymbals last the longest. When dealing in the machined cymbals know the metal properties to know its expected life span.


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i use paiste crashes pretty much and have for a while (10 years or so). i do like the wuhans, though i don't use a china right now. i, do however have a "western crash" by wuhan, which is a wonderful bit of $ 58. I Love it!! ooh , my paiste (signature) crashes are wonderfully splashy and decay pretty quick and engineers LOVE them.