were to buy!

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hey gusy whats up!
I'm looking into buying a new custum snare drum and I was hoping you guys could give me some sites for some custum drum shops. I live in brazil but I'm gona have the drum sent to a friend that is coming to brazil soon!




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the BEST custom drum company is Dunnett. Ronn Dunnetts snares are top notch. I love my good old supraphonic, but if you really want somthing differnt, Dunnetts stuff is amazing. He is even working with ludwig on the stainless steel reissue kit, and making the titanium snare for Ludwig.

Dunnett has made drum shells for every big drum company and every big drummer, Carter Beauford usally has his purple and gold dunnett in front of him, and Stanton Moore has his dunnett titanium on his gretsch set.

Heres a link to dunnetts site

For the money, nothing beats the supraphonic. Every one needsa Ludwig Supraphonic snare in there arsanle. But once you have a supra, and if you want somthing differnt and special, theres no better custome drum than Dunnett.

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thanks man. I actualy saw some of the dunnett snares, I've been whanting one of those for quite some time now. but they are just a bit pricy for me, specialy since I'm in brazil. but what I'm realy looking for is a wood snare 12-20 ply, maybe with a few vents
I've got a mettal snare I jsut whant to get sometihng diferent, to have more options


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If I were you, I'd go with Odery. It's a local manufacturer for you yet really good and not too expensive :)

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loop":32nfekbc said:
If I were you, I'd go with Odery. It's a local manufacturer for you yet really good and not to expensive :)
yeah I'm actualy waighting for a reply from them for my snare, but I also whanted to look at some prices in the US becasue I'n not sure of they make snares with more then 12 ply. and I whant a 20 ply snare.

but thanks anyways