warm ups and stretches

nutha jason

So I have just shot a video of warm up and stretching techniques for my pupils and drumming group. What I would like to know:
- Are there any other good ones (warm ups and stretches) I could add to my routines for teaching my pupils?
- And how many of you teachers - like me - teach the value of warming up and stretching but honestly hardly ever really do it*.


* p.s. I was wondering why I don't and I think it is because I don't strain myself so much when I drum anyway. I mean the sticks are light and I have good technique so I don't feel a burn or a big stiffness after a raucous gig or even the next day. I guess I do a little warm up just to hit the ground running (play well from the first moment of the first song) and perhaps to get rid of some nervous energy. lol - maybe I should warm up for carrying my gear; as this is a major strain. What about you?


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Bookmarking this page for myself and I will check out the video for sure. You made this all very easy to understand and as someone fresh to drums, I like that! So many things I have read online over complicate it!