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I'm looking for clamps. I need several kinds, tell me what you have and how much you want for 'em... I need several.

Don't be shy.



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Heya, I have several Gibraltar clamps left over as I recently re-did my entire rack and changed out all of my accessory clamps. They are model #SC-GRSMC. I probably have at least five or six of them but I'd have to double check when I get home later on. If that is what you are looking for I'll take a pic of them and email it to you if you want. They normally sell for $20 bucks each, brand new. Since they are used, still in great condition, just a little nicked up, I'll sell them to you for $10 bucks each, plus shipping.

I might also have some other miscellaneous assorted clamps but I'd have to check the old hardware bag of stuff I haven't used in awhile. It just piles up and I forget it's there. :oops:


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I've got Gibraltar curved rack clamps. dunno what model number, but i can send you a pic you want :)

They're all in excellent condition,still turn smoothly and look fine, but you can judge how they look from pictures if you like.

I bought them for $35 a piece. I'll get rid of them for $15 each, zip code 78130

The other guy is selling cheaper, but you know, haha. If you need more, my prices are based on offers that have been made locally.