Wanted!! Digital Drums and Miscellaneous Cymbals


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Im looking for a decent digital kit for practice in my home. Nothing to fancy but something fun to play. Also I'm looking for various cymbals to compliment my kit, I dont really have any brand in mind.

I have

14" b8 pro hi hats
16" ZBT crash
18" A Crash
22" b8 pro Ride

Anything anyone has they might want to get rid of cheap that would compliment this set up just message me

im definetly looking for some new hats


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I have digital pads, not the mesh kind, but rubber. I absolutely love them, but seeing as I don't have much room where I live, I could let them go for a fair price.

Cymbal pads and drum pads are going for $70 a piece. EXCELLENT condition, barely used because I don't need them for my style of music. I can send you pictures for confirmation if you like, the cymbal pads have choking functions, bell, and heavy hit triggers in addition to the standard hits, and the drum pads allow rim shots and wide ranges of dynamic levels as well.

I own one pad with an additional trigger in it, going for $80.

I can include cables for $5 a piece, clamps to mount the drums, and L rods that fit the clamps.

If need be, I can sell the rack that came with it for $100, simply because I use the rack often for miscellaneous items and it would be hard to let go. It's a good rack IMO, but not high quality steel.

The prices are taken from offers that have been made locally for the materials.