Wanted : 4 piece drum kit


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i woudl like to know if anybody is selling a 4 or 5 peice kit for under $700.
i want somting with a deep sound to them and a loud snare. thsanks


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im sellin a five piece mapex tornado for 650 including pulse double bass pedal zildjian zbt high hats crash, and ride.. comes with high hat stand striaght stand and boom stand


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DUDE!!! i gots a GRETSCH CATALINA CLUB MOD FOR SALE $650 four peices, red sparkle limited edition color, huge ass bass, and they sound deep, wicked loud snare too man. aim me, tacowacho


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I've got a pearl export that's just sittin' in the basement, waiting for a new home. I removed the batter head to put on my new kit, and sold the snare already. It's got the standard kick, floor tom, and three toms (2 are the same size, since I 'exported' one from an old kit...) The kit's black, sounds great, and has some minor bubbling on the kick. It looks great, though. (Could use some polishing!)