[waltondrummer] - Yamaha Power V Specials


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Wow, that is massive! :) I've never played V specials but always hear good things about them. Write something about their sound :) And please post cymbal specs :)


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Yeah…the Power V Specials (circa '95-'96) were an upgrade from the standard Power V’s and even better they were made at the same plant in Japan that Yamaha uses for it’s higher-end drums rather than in Taiwan or the like (I honestly don’t know where their other plants are). They are nice and deep-sounding and are made with the Air Seal system Yamaha is famous for. I love the drums…nice tuning range and really sing with good heads. They are/were the precursors to the Stage Custom line I believe…although as mentioned made in the Japan plant rather than outsourced to one of their others. I’m real happy with them – my playing doesn’t warrant DW’s and these are nice enough sounding…and old enough that I can use them out & sound good, but not worry so much about road wear…

My cymbals are:
8” Wuhan rock/traditional splash
10” Paragon splash
13” AAX Fusion hats
14” Flat hats w/factory sizzles – remote hats
14” AAX Studio crash (x2)
16” Paragon crash
16” HHX Stage crash
17” AA Medium crash
18” HHX Evolution crash
18” B8 China
22” AA vintage ride
15” UFIP Hats…I switch off w/the 13” Sabians

Thanks for the comments!