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skitch":16efz4jp said:
Very cool! I miss my Big Beat Ludwigs; they weren't Vistalites but the Butcher Block finish. By the way, have you ever thought of starting your own drum company and calling it Earl drums or maybe Earl Jam drums. LOL. Bet you have never heard that before! - hint of sarcasm!
Hi Skitch

I just found this comment. I have never heard that I should start a drum company ... but I always wanted to own a drum shop. Who knows maybe someday you'll see earldrums on the market ... thanks for the idea :)



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Tyman345":2r0uapgx said:
well dude i knwo they make them now. but they were discontinued back then. thats what my dads buddy was saying cuz hes in a band. also the new vistilights are not as good as the older ones. iv herd that from countlees music store owners. but all im saying is tha he found it, its what he wanted back i 79', and he just found that same one. thx
Actually, the Vistalites made today are superior to the 1970's counterparts. The 70's shells were quite brittle and many were the victims of cracks that made the drums unplayable unless fixed by someone with the knowledge to fix acrylic shells. The newer shells have the advantages of today's version of acrylics, much less brittle and all of the good looks and tone of the originals.


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I just found a set of blue vista's on ebay for a really cheap price, they're not in amazing condition which I'm not too bothered about, but the kick has a crack in it, it runs from the tom mount to the front of the shell. Is this a no go? I wouldn't be using the tom holder as I'd have my tom on a snare stand. I've read on some sites that they can be repaired with some glue stuff fairly easily. I think the guy selling them is a bit stupid too, he's listed the "base drum" as 27", but I'm guessing it's probably a 24".