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I am selling my 1983 Green Tama Swingstar vintage drum kit, this drum kit has done a number of shows between me and the previous owner it has done alot, and is in very good condition.

it has:

10 X 8 " Power Tom with Remo Head

12 X 8 " Power Tom with Remo Head

13 X 9 " Power Tom with Remo Head

14 X 10 " Power Tom with Remo Head

16 X 16 " Floor Tom with Remo Head

14 X 22 " Bass Drum with Evans Head

14 X 5 " Pearl Export Snare Drum with Remo Head

Pearl heavy duty snare stand

Tama Hi-Hat stand

Gibrolter single kick pedal

Gibrolter Drop Clutch

Shalock 14" hi-hats

Floor Tom Legs

rack tom stands

1 pair sticks

This drum kit is an exalent beginer kit for someone looking to start playing drums, or for someone who wants to have a bigger kit, as some people have seen when i have had this drum kit set up fully it is a monster kit, it has a great sound is very reliable

i am only asking $900 for the kit as thats what i paid for it how it is as im selling it

below is some pics


if you wish to contact me my email is