Vinnie Paul


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Yes indeed. Tasteful grooves, thundering drums and monster kicks this side of the Rio Grande! So he truly lives up to his name. Cowboy from HELL!

Potatoe Snack

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i only ever owned Far Beyond Driven and i thought he had a cool bass drum sound.

i am def. not a fan of Hell Yeah though...


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Far Beyond Driven has some really intelligent industrial-influenced drumming on it. Not typical metal drumming at all, but still heavy as all hell, and soo clean. His double bass playing shows tons of imagination.

I've seen him both with Pantera and DamagePlan. Just insanely good.


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VPA is one of my all time favorites. He set alot of standards in metal music for my age group. As far as albums I have all of them. Can't say which is my favorite because they all are smokin'. Peace on ya!