Vinnie Colaiuta w/Karizma


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If you haven't picked up Karizma's Document yet, you're missing out on what became an instant drumming classic the moment it was released. The above link takes you to some live footage of the band a couple of years before they recorded it ... but you soon get the idea why so many drummers go ape over Vinnie's playing.


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Hi man! I was listening that album for to many times...First of all I would say that I have very big admaration for Vinnie...those songs are just ubnormal!!! But seeing him playing with Karizma on Modern Drummer Festival got me disapointed...his groove was terable,and the way he played e minor shuffle was not to briliant...non less he is one of the greatest drummers lived...fucked up personality thou!!!


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While I cannot stand that genre of music (sounds like elevator music to me!), that is some fantastic drumming there.