[ViciousCircle5] - Custom Drums


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:D thanks a lot!

Phattie/Stauffer hand-made custom drumkit (bright yellow maple, no lacquer, black adonis die-cast hardware):

18x22 kick
7x8 tom
8x10 tom
9x12 tom
14x16 tom

5x13 Phattie/Stauffer 20-ply natural maple finish custom snare drum with black tube lugs and diecast hardware (2 1/2 inch vents along diameter)

1980's tama rockstar 5pc. drumkit (black, stock metallic hardware):

22x18 kick
12x8 tom
13x9 tom
13x16 floor tom

14" new beat hi-hats
16" zildjian limited edition platinum series medium-thin crash
18" Brilliant avedis zildjian medium crash
20" Sabian B8pro ride medium (great ping, can't let it go)
18" Wuhan China
6" sabian bell disc

Pearl Icon Rack and Pearl hardware.

Feedback appreciated and encouraged.


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Ohhh, that Phattie/Stauffer kit is sweet! Nice cymbals as well :) Do you have any recordings of it?

PS - I edited your post a bit - now we can see bigger pics, just to do the kit justice!