Using Marching Drums in your Kit


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Anyone use a marching snare or bass drum in their drumkit? It'd take some fiddling but I was thinking it might be cool to have a 14x12 snare... Any thoughts?


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had a marching snare on my kit once and it sounded like i was hitting a piece of wood. unless you drop the tension but that kinda defeats the purpose of using a marching snare.

although marching snares have a lot of crack to them you have to really consider 2 things....

1- to get the sound ot of it you need some super super beefy sticks. and really beefy sticks will breaks heads and cymbals. they dont use johnsons and hardimons in corps because they look neat. they have the power to produce a sound out of a big drum with an over tightened kevlar head.

2- having a drum with a head that thick being so torqued, you're not gonna have the over tones and the snare sensitivity to actually make it sound like a snare drum. the plasitc snare wires and kevlar head combo make it great to produce great, tight sounds while playing with 8 or 9 other who are matching your part but just dont produce the tones to have the "drumset" snare sound that will blend with a kit. especially mic'd. you need some overtones when micing to give body.

not to mention its gonna be hard to find a stand that will hold a 12 inch deep snare without having to raise you're seat really really high.

as for marching bass drums.... i've seen some drummers use them with great success. the shallow deoth give them good volume and the shell thickness gives them a little extra low end.

all ya gotta do is drill for the legs (or use a craddle) and you got yourself a rocking kick drum


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Here you go

I have a 15" marching snare (green)
18" marching bass drum
20" marching bass drum
This pic was taken before I could buy new 2 ply heads for it

This is my kit configuration when I am using my 24" bass drum
Nowadays I am using the 20" bass drum as a kick and have switched to 18" and 16" floor toms (the 20 has more definition for the quick stuff I am doing right now)
The 20 doesn't sound so good as a floor tom but I have not tried it with my favorite head yet
It just doesn't seem to get a decent note to it when played with sticks (mallets make it sound better)
All of them were fitted with floor tom legs
That's the only way I can get the snare low enough
You might have some problems banging your knuckles on the rims of the bass drums but it just takes a while to get the right angle

The Hulk ('cause it's big and green) is the most versatile snare I have ever owned
Yeah, putting marching heads on it like 2K suggested is going to make it sound like shit
Maybe he just didn't try hard enough
I like a good 2 ply like a G2 or Emperor
Try a clear head with no muffling and for gods sake don't use a pinstripe
The great thing about such a big snare is that, if you hit it in the center, it has a warm "normal" snare sound but if you hit it off center it goes BONK
It also helps to have a die cast hoop on the batter head
You don't play a snare like this if you want it to sound like the others
You play a snare like this to piss off soundmen
I usually end up with my snare in between 1 an 0 in the mix because it is so damn loud (if they even bother to mic it at all)

As far as super beefy sticks go
I use 3-A Vater sticks and they work just great

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have and remember the Rockula mantra


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It's different genres that I play, not neccesarily together, but yes I am a bit of a fan of the Bad Brains. I'm not into them as much as I could be, but I know some of their stuff.