Using 2 splashes as hi hats:


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Can anybody help me out, I have 2 10" Sabian B8 Splashes, 1 was a gift.
And I'm planning on using these as a second set of hi hats,
How would it sound?

I don't have any hi hat stands atm, but I was just wondering if it's worth using them as an X-Hat and what they sound like?
Thanks in advance guys!


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They'll just move it for you, don't delete it.

I don't see how it could sound bad. They'll be quieter than your other hats because of the size, but since they're B8 they'll probably be very high pitched. It would be an interesting sound for sure. I've contemplated this idea too.


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they'll probably be quite sloshy, not extremely articulate, good for some open sloshy quarter note riding.


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Hmmm, well the initial idea was to get a trashier X-hat combo, but hopefully this weeks!
I'll post once I've got my new hi hat stand.


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I have some 10 inch "special recording hats" by Zildjian, and they are really cool. Just try it and see if you like it.

Brian L

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ive actually tried this with a zildjian zbt 10 inch and a sabian b8 8 inch. it actually gives u a kinda good sound, more for a hip hop section or something along those lines of grooviness. (im sorry, cant really find the words to explain the kinda sound these would be good for) lol. ITS FUN TO DO AND TRY IT FOR YOURSELF :shock: , lets just leave it at that. :mrgreen: