upgrading set quality


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i own a pulse set i paid $245, ive had it for 4 years, i like it, though it does not compete with say a pearl to me it has alot of value as my first set, but i want to know if it is worth paying out a large amount of money for a very nice set?


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hey there, first thing is yeah it is worth paying out fr a better kit. im currently saving for a topline kit. after my first kit i bought i mid priced one the difference between the starter and mid was amazing. the sound was better easier to tune. best thing to do is go to your local and ask to play a kit already set up. then you'll see for yourself. if they want your money they shouldnt say no. also another thing the more money you fork out the better the kit you'll get.

good luck!!


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It is definately worth the extra money. As said above, you'll have a better sound that's easier to achieve. With drums (for the most part) you really get what you pay for. That's what I've found out over the years I've been playing.


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yea man it is worth the money cuz i have played my share of kits over the years and lemme say there IS a difference! but dont go for the big brands! check out other brands too cuz u never know which brand will suit u best as opposed to just getting a pearl without trying it then not ending up liking it u know? well good luck with it man