Updated kit pictures in the studio w. new Meinl ride.


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Here are some updated pictures of the kit in my studio. Finally got the 21" MB10 ride too.

Drums : DDRUM Dominion Maple

6.5x13 Tama Hand Hammered Stainless Steel Snare (or 5.5x14 Ludwig 70's Acrolite)
9x12 Rack Tom
14x16 Floor Tom
20x22 Bass Drum

Cymbals : Various

13" Zildjian K. Hi-Hats
10" Paiste PST5 Splash (not pictured)
12" Wuhan China (not pictured)
18" Sabian AAXplosion Crash
21" Meinl MB10 Medium Ride
20" Zildjian A. Medium Ride (not pictured)
18" Wuhan China
19" Sabian AAXplosion Crash

Percussion : Various

LP Double Sambago Bells
Gon Bops Bongos
11 3/4" No Name Djembe


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It sounds real nice to me. It's heavier than the 20" A. Medium Ride I have, and the bell is much larger than a regular size bell - but not as large as the one on Jason Bittner's signature model. It's got a nice solid, silvery ping while still having a very crashable side to it as well. The big bell comes in handy as well for accents seeing as I cant afford a Zil Bel or anything of that sort, cuts through everything without a problem. I recommend it.


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Thanks man, I appreciate the compliments. I'm comfortable with where my kit and tattoos are at for now ... but give me a couple months and I'll have a lot more. I don't know which is more addicting ... haha.