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since getting my mist x thin dark crash a few months ago I have come to love saluda and have already talked to jamie about a new set of hihats and have plans of my own for a new crash and china (as replacements for less worthy pies). the hihats I have in the works now are a 14" true diamond medium top hihat, heavily hammered. the bottom is a 14" black mist medium heavy, also heavily hammered and vented at the bell. I'm looking for a combination of sabian hh regular and fusion hats but a bit drier. As soon as I get my 2002s sold I am going to order these.

ones I have planned for for later on:
17" diamond thin dark crash
18" voodoo (traditional or m loco)
possibly a custom stack and 12" china

so yeah. look out for a new set of hats from me. and if I find a way to do it safely my saludas may be coming with me to drt.

on a last note, if you're looking to buy a pair of paiste 2002 sound edge hihats please pm me. I need these to go fast.


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I love Cheese and drums":22kj6ujk said:
How is your dark crash?
surprisingly bright for a dark crash, but its getting darker by the day as I play it. I've only really been playing it for a few weeks and I love it more and more every day as I use it. Being a thin crash it is incredibly responsive and opens up fully at the lightest touch but can still be explosive.


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AmnestysLowEnd":3tpx8h2t said:
Saluda thins are the way to go they are super responsive and still louder than you need it great.
my mist x follows that exact description. the only qualm I have is that it has a few overtones when hit hard but I know that it's nothing that can be heard by anyone but me.