Unstable Bass Drum


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I just recently bought a 5pc Tama Superstar. I have the bass drum on an even surface. The 2 toms mounted tend to shake if im double bassing, and i tend to slip on my rolls when they shake.

Any advice?


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mount the toms on stands or a rack...otherwise you cant fis it. the same thing happens with my swingstars and ive never had problems hitting my toms.


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Double that... But first make sure that you've set the kick right, turned all the knobs tight and mount the pedal properly. Probably you did, but always check twice before you go buy those clamps or rack.


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hahaha...ya that would definitely make a difference... i know what u mean becuz i have a superstar too...and i definitely think the toms bounce alot wen i double bass but its not like they are going anywhere. i have my set on a carpet that stops any slipping


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Don't feel bad, it happens to all of us. But hey, that's what we're here for, to share experiences and learn from each other, right? I've done some dumb sh*t on my drums in the past, and it's all good in the end.

But a rack is a good idea if you want to save the money up. What you spend in clamps and the rack itself will be more than made up in weight savings by ridding yourself of bulky full stands. Your back will thank you at loadout once you get to be my age. :wink:


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i hate it when i go to a gig, and realize i have left half of my equipment back at home... once at a gig i forgot my bass drum beater, and literally had to kick the bass drum.. luckily we only had to play one song...


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Well I'm glad the biggest part of your problem was easily fixed.
You might want to check that your bass drum is level too.

On any drum set with some sort of suspension system you'll get tom shake when you play the bass drum and when you play the toms.
Taking the toms off the bass drums and putting them on stands or a rack will help, just hope you bass drum doesn't become too light and start walking away.