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Did you grow up on Common or Uncommon Influences?

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Uncommon Influences

Hey Guys,
Its been awhile since I have posted a topic, BUT when Spydr2000 posted the topic (Morgan Rose vs. Mike Portnoy) it gave me a idea. When you think BIG DRUMMER INFLUENCES, you think of drummers like Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati, and even BIG NEW INFLUENCES like Joey Jordison and so on. BUT I did not grow up on any of these drummers and to this day are not influences by them. Don’t get me wrong, they all are amazing drummers but I did not incorporate any of there style of playing in to mine. I grew up on drummers Like Morgan Rose-Sevendust my favorite drummer of all time. He is just incredible to watch live and his beats are so uncommonly placed, I molded most of my style from him, Taylor Hawkins-Foo Fighters great drummer, what eles can you say about him, his just a great drummer, Abe Cunningham-Deftones the way that this man groves is just out of this world. He play things that I would never thought of. Love his bass/snare and ride stuff, Shannon Larkin-Snot/Amen/Godsmack The man should be in the same place with mike portnoy and neil peart, and Scott Phillips-Creed-in Scott Phillips defense, he might not have been a fast flashy or wild but the man kept great time and did every creed song with justice. So I guess you could say I had some uncommon influences, BUT I like it that way. I like to think it made me have a very unique playing style. So if any of you have some uncommon influences lets hear them.


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I really loved listening to Dave Grohl playing the drums, one person that inspired me to first pick up the sticks.


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Ok, I have my obvious influences: Ringo, Charlie, Bonham, Paice, Mitchell, Rich, Elvin Jones, Joe Morello, Hal Blaine, Levon, etc. But some other lesser knowns that I like are: Jonny Barbata, Earl Palmer, Aynsley Dunbar, Viv Prince, Dino Danelli, Charlie Benante {there's a guy that gets nothin' these days}, Bev Bevan and my teacher, the great John "Terry" Tirabasso. I would like to point out that even though most of my influences are from before the 70s, I actually grew up during the age of Peart, Copeland, Tommy Lee and Alex Van Halen. I just don't care for those guys {except Alex} anymore.


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mines a mixture of both, drummers like Chad smtih, Dave Grohl & John Bonham have influenced me more as the more common influences and drummers like Jon Theodore & Taylor Hawkins being the more uncommon influences i have

Johnny Cat

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Two of my biggest inspirations are Neil Peart and Ringo Starr. Obviously two very different schools of drumming. But still rock nonetheless, and most of my other influences are either rock or metal, with a few jazz drummers and drummers that play both like Steve Smith, so I chose "both". George Kollias is another great example. He plays extreme death metal AND light jazz. The same with Martin Lopez. He plays straight ahead death metal, as well as South American grooves and hand percussion.


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I always hated Scott Phillips' playing with Creed. The first album, "My Own Prison" was amazing, but everything after that just flat-out sucked. And Scott drove me "nucking futs" with that goddamned syncopated bass hit/hi-hat bark that he puts in every single lick and every single groove of every single song that he's ever played. I mean, having a signature lick is one thing, but that is frickin' ridiculous.

break the prism

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my earliest drumming influences weren't real people for the most part. hip-hop got me into drums. but after that it was guys like Bill Bruford and Billy Cobham.


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definitely uncommon. when i was a kid, i listened to a ridiculous amount of japanese music (not limited to jrock, there was some casiopea and other stuff, too!), and a LOT of punk.

my earliest influences were a lot of nameless American punk rock drummers, akira jimbo, yoshiki from X Japan, shinya from Luna Sea, and Yukihiro, from Zi:Kill (now playing with L'Arc~en~Ciel and singing for Acid Android).

isn't it odd how akira jimbo ended up in there? :p


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Mike Cox from Coal Chamber was the first drummer I really took to and probably the main reason I started drumming... I have no idea why... He's hardly an influential drummer... Guess that's why I'm posting it here heh...


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The drummer that has always inspired me probably the most has to be Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio. No idea why...I just really like his style of playing. Also another huge influence of mine is Chad Szeliga of Breaking Benjamin.


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well, influences can be a tricky discussion. i like ringo, charlie, etc...but there are always a few "bench-marks" in one's life and career,as far as influences go. i went through the whole neil peart thing... then i discovered bill bruford (on a 4 pc kit??) w/ early yes music. then, my BIG influence came from seeing stan lynch (of older tom petty fame..)it was like something in me "clicked" w/ that style of drumming...or shall i say the way he supported the song. the drummers i dig are off the beaten path, but try and support the music, not just what "upside down flammadiddle-ratamacue triples..(done w/ feet??)the can do. bill stevenson(descendents, all), jody stephens(big star), mike musburger(posies) and willie wilcox(utopia) are some of the guys that influence and impress me. however, it all goes back to the song...an influence from a person like tre' cool to a local guy who is stunningly simple and solid!!



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"Taylor Hawkins-Foo Fighters great drummer."

Great drummer and Taylor Hawkins should not be used in the same sentence, unless of course the sentence is Taylor Hawkins is NOT a great drummer.

Pac tink

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Alex is a nice guy lol he gave me a base drum head and some sticks lol...i think its because i was named after van halen but still..Alex is my influence


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Hey All,
I like many of you credit Peart, Van Halen as my early influences but I also was heavily influenced by Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, Phil Rudd of AC-DC.
But a very uncommon drummer that I have been heavily infuenced and inspired by as an adult is MATT ABTS from Gov't Mule. If you haven't heard of him, find a live show or any of their studio albums. This guy is an amazing palette of drumming styles.
Power, technique, chops and feel are amazing.
check him out!
-Tom E.


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Akira Jimbo
Never thought I would hear his name on these forums. I have only heard of him before, but now that I know how to spell his name, I watched his solo. Amazing is all I can say. He can equal a speed with a heel-toe pedal, that most people require a double bass pedal to achieve. Important thing is that he smiles too.

Oh ya, also another drummer that has influenced me recently, and I have yet to hear his name on these forums, is Michael "Moose" Thomas. He is the drummer for Bullet For My Valentine. His alternating drum beats and good timekeeping make him a good drummer IMO.


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You know.. i dunno if this is a common one but Travis Barker.. I love everything he does.. and even went through a phase where i wanted to drum just like him.. all his beats are pretty hard.. but they all move.. Ive changed since then but i name him as my biggest influence cuz i read somewhere that he never just tried to be like someone.. he always practiced different things and listened to all sorts of different music. So needless to say, since then ive listened to tons and tons of different things and now i play in a jazz band and a 80's guitar solo band.. and my punk band.. and i do different styles from latin to swing to shuffles to funk.

Other influences: Adrian Young- No Doubt, he never really does anything to complex but i have a huge respect for the man for his time and sense of style..
Chad Smith-Red Hot Chili Peppers.. something about their music first off made me listen.. and then i love playing along...
Buddy Rich... no way in hell can i play to most of his stuff.. but listening to him play always makes me want to practice.. and then cry cuz its so amazing...

Thats just a few...


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Matt Abts from Gov't Mule. Matt is a very dynamic drummer that can find the pocket in any situation. I have also liked what Matt Sorum (GnR, Cult, Velvet Revolver) has played. The dude from Nickelback is great, forgot his name. I think he played with Three Doors Down too. I also saw Bobby Rock do a clinic once. I was very surprised, it was a far cry from Nelson. LOL.


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In descending order, You tell me: Omar Hakim was my #1, Neil Peart #2, Stew Copeland #3, Tim Alexander #4, Manu Katche #5, Larry Mullen Jr. & Lars Ulrich #6 for their bands - U2 & Metallica. These 7 were most influential when I started in 1987.



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In my earlier years of playing I was influenced more by rhythm guitarists, probably because I originally wanted to play guitar and a little because there's not much to look for in alternative rock drumming.
I think my first drumming influence was Lars Ulrich, pretty common. But then I was more influenced by Sepultura's Igor Cavalera. That took me pretty far into crating my own style. After that was Mike Portnoy, Jayson Sherlock (Mortification), and a few other super underground drummers that I don't know their names (ie. CrutchPA, Still Breathing).
Now I'd say Stweart Copeland, Derek Roddy, Matt (August Burns Red), and Daniel Davison (Norma Jean).