UK drummers


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ok in my short time on this forum iv noticed alot of folk are based in US. any UK drummers on here? if so where you based what bands you in etc

im from leicester

in 2 bands, 1 cover band called likuid blu and 1 original band called after.

play a dw collectors kit in broken glass finish and a tama artwood snare with mainly zildjian cymbals



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hey there, i'm from Wales, Swansea :D

Currently in a Band, we write our own material.

i've noticed there aint many UK folk here either, there must be more....

come UK guys!


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Hey, I am a drummer from Birmingham.

Get in touch if ya fancy a chat!



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I'm up in York with my band Evelyn at if you fancy checking us out. I think we might be playing Birmingham in the near future cause we're releasing our album at the end of the month :)


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hey im sam from harpenden hertfordshire, yeah im in a couple one predominantly called melted chocolate its like a jazz trio(even though there are like 5 of us) but its on hold atm, cos pianist and bassist are in australia, damn good players though


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Im from Hastings =D rather a s**thole but i cant help that, music scene isnt too bad in this part of the country though, couple of biker pubs n stuff


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Hey Hey im Stimpy from Leamington Spa. In a metal band called The Shadows That Remain.
If anyone knows a great recording studio in the in the midlands which aint too expensive please inform me. Would be very helpful. Thank u


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I live in Southampton but I'm originally from Lincolnshire.
I play in 2 bands, Midget and Complex Four.
Midget were signed to Warners then JVC in the mid-late 90's before taking a long break between 2001-06.
Complex Four is my other band, based in Southampton. We're looking for gigs, so if anyone wants a support act within 60 miles or so of Southampton, get in touch via one of the myspace links below.


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Beginner years before i get to say the words 'In a band called...'

Live in East London, originally from sunny Skipton, North Yorkshire.