TWO snares or one?


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what you guys think? ive got 2 snares on my kit but i rarely use it. (for shame on me). one being the 14x5.5 Stell H BP the other being a pearl piccolo 13x3 (steel). any ways 2snares or 1 what ya think?


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Even if you hardly ever use it, keep it on your set. You'll have another sound option available and you'll have an extra snare in case you break the heads on your main one.
If you are playing the piccilo for a ringy sound compared to your main snare it isn't worth your time to set it up. You can get so many sounds out of one snare. I have a Spaun 6x14 16ply Maple and i get a fat punchy crack out of it when i hit the center and i get a nice ringy crack with almost no bottom end when i hit it towards the outside. The only reason i can see to have a second snare is if you want to have a dead flat sounding snare for effects.


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I like a 6" maple snare as my main snare and a 5" brass off to the left of my hats. I'm trying to find a holder so that I can set up a snare on the floor so I can play it with a stick in a pedal. Haven't found anything yet though.


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i like having a second snare turned off for a timbale sorta sound. and i sometimes alternate between off and on for diff types of music. i try everything
I`ve got 4 on my kit:

14" birch Tama GRANSTAR
14" birch Yamaha Custom Recording
14" chrome Slingerland
13" brass Pearl piccolo

Why limit yourself?

Johnny Cat

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I totally agree with Shalaq. Even if you don't use it much, you've already got it. Might as well set it up and have it there if the need does ever come up.

I agree with Demented Drummer too. Why limit yourself?


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Maybe not for a rock drummer but if you play some modern stuff....
How about a kit with a kick drum and lets say....5 snares? Two placed in an orderly snare/2nd snare fashion, while other tuned and placed as toms. Turn some snares off and you'have some amazing textures to work with.


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I'm using two snare-drums at the moment:

One (main-) snare that is a Yamaha RC 9000 14" x 8" wooden shell snare, and another (sidekick) that is a Pearl Free Floating 14" x 5" (also wooden shell).

The former is tuned fairly high in pitch, whilst the latter is tuned very high, as I use it as a "Hybrid piccolo snare".

Actually, I'm concidering to get even a third snare drum!

I would like a small snare drum, probably a 10" x 6", but haven't yet made a desicion wether I should go for a brass/metal snare, or another wooden shell snare.

At the moment it stands between one of these two:

Yamaha SD2055 - 10" x 5,5" Steel snare

Yamaha Stage Custom (#SSD1050A) 5x10 6 lug sopranino snare drum

Anyone got one of these for sale? :wink:


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Hey, I have 4 snares, but there all differnt. I dont set up my set with all at once. I really have 2 snares, but a set of each. I have supraphonics in both 5.5 and 6.5 depth and rogers dynasonics in both depths. Snares are really the only aspect of my kit that i change around. If i want a differnt sound, I change my snares and not my actual kit.


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i use 2 snares on my kit one off to the side for higher- break beat ish -electronic sounding (it's eaiser than setting up the electronics) in the collection i have , man i don't even know! but it it's nice to have the options, esp going into the studio, or rentals


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thers nothing wrong with multiple snares even if rarely used. i like 2 and use them almost equally. and a comment on the guy that said bassdrum and 5 snares. DDRUM made a kit that was just that. a bassdrum and 5 snares.all different sizes and had quick you could hit with the stick and flip on and off while playing. check it out on the news under one of the NAMM articicals at look under NEWS then NAMM there are 2 NAMM things.personaly i like having a 7x14 wood main snare. and a 5.5x14 steel secondary beside my hi hats. sometiems i like to run a 7x14 or 6.5x13 acrylic as a main and secondary.snares are VERY versatile can tune almost any snare to sound almost any way you want and get multiple sounds from there. i mean throwoffs and wires adn things get advanced enough for 3-5 diff snare on sounds and then the off. and th en you add how and where you hit.


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I also have to snares for my drum set. I mainly use one if my other if my main one breaks or something like that. But it adds as a cool effect if you want different snare sounds during a song or a solo.


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I'd say you should have at least 2 snares. It's good to have a back up in your set-up, or at least laying nearby in case you kill your main snare. Also, your main snare could sound like crap or be too quiet in some places and your second snare might be a better choice for that gig.

I like to use my second snare as a bongo-ish or timbale-ish sounding percussion toy to throw a little tribal feel into some of the metal songs I play.
If it's not metal, I can usually get away with one snare that's tuned well, but I like to vary the snare sound drastically so I still prefer to have 2 well tuned snares.

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I have 2, a regular 14"x5.5" Starclassic B/B and a Hammered Steel 12"x4.

Both sound very different and I think that's important.. not much point spending hundreds on a snare that sounds just like the one you already have. :p

I think snares are one of the most important elements on the kit, PARTICULARLY when playing small rock venues or gigs where you have to use a backline kit. That snare is your one voice other than your cymbals.

You can always tell a well tuned snare when you hear it.


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I guess I am not the right guy to ask this too, I have just one snare and I am SEVERLY addicted to it. I have a Pearl Piccolo snare and I can count the number of times I have used it on one hand.


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I can't understand why this is an issue. It takes a few seconds to remove a piece of unwanted equipment.