Tunning my kick drum


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Ok, heres my problem. I don`t want to sound stupid but I have always had trouble tunning the batter head on my kick. I just bought a evans EMAD and I`m going put it on tonight. If anyone could give me some tips on how to get a realy good tone out of it please let me know. I play on Mapex Pro M`s if that helps. Thans


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Tighten all tuning rods finger tight first... Then turn everyone 360°. Then Do the resonant side alot tighter, like 720°... Anyway, that's my strategy and I get a great sound out of mine...



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Your bass drum is should be the easiest drum to tune in my opinion. finger tight all your lugs on the drum. start off with reso head. Place your palm of your hand firmly int he center of the drum head and push with all your might you should see wrinkles around your drum. take your drum key and go about each lug turning it slightly till all the wrinkles have been removed.remember only tunr the key slightly like 1/8 turns. should take a good 5 - 10 mins to do.

The next part you dont have to do its personal choice.

once you have it wrinkle free start at the top and turn your key 1/4 turns round the drum 3 / 4 times.

the batter head.

same process as above, remove the wrinkles. you can tune it up but i personally dont like the sound.