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hey guys. over the last 3 years, i've been incredibly enthusiastic, and inspired by the works of Tool, and after re-watching a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVbFrl9w ... re=related), i want to go for a different method of tuning that will make every drum sound bigger, and more impacting than it is. the only problem is that i suck at tuning. any useful opinions/tips/anything on tuning a gretsch catalina maple 5 piece and make it sound bigger, and more badass?

p.s. im really trying to focus on making the toms sound really big and explosive.


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If you are trying to get your toms to sound like Carey's, that will be impossible, as he has many effects to tailor his sound at his disposal in the studio and live. I was having trouble tuning as well until I saw the DVD "Drum Tuning: by Bob Gatzen". I never learned to tune either when I started playing, I just put tons of tape on my heads and started playing. You can find excerpts of the Gatzen DVD on youtube, so do a search, it'll tell you everything you need to know.


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if you want big wide open tom sound try useing single ply heads and tune the top and bottom as close as possible . just a little tighter then past wrinkle, hope this help

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I'm looking at your tom sizes...
Well, I suggest you crank up the 10" tom. Won't sing if you tune it just past wrinkle. Have the 12" a little lower, and the 14 you can tune loosest for a boomy sort of deal...
I'm not helping much, I know. :lol:
It'll really help if you read the Drum Tuning Bible. Google it. If you can't find it, let me know. :mrgreen:


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I would get new 2 ply drum heads . Stay with me on this one... Remove all your heads first then place your top heads on. Tighten them w/ your fingers first doing opposite sides at the same time. Then place your other hand in the center of the head and push down this will help seat the head on your drum. Now use your key to tighten the head using the star method... Now this part might scare some of you but... Over tighten the head two turns then take your hand off. Start the de-tuning process using the star method. With your stick begin tapping on the head. You can tell if it is too loose because it sounds like a thud. If its too tight then its choked. Find the happy medium where the drum has the most resonance. Follow these steps on all your drums. I was taught this long way by an old friend and it has never let me down. I hope this helps anybody looking for a guaranteed way to get your heads to sound great. I know its a long and boring but it will be rewarding and you will be very happy!!!