Tuning Toms


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I recently upgraded all of my heads (8, 10, 12, 13,16) to Remo Ebony Pinstripe. These things are a bear to keep tuned, or even get a good tune. I'll admit, my tuning goes as far as i can hear a good sound, but is there any good advice in tuning these? I also have the DrumDial, which helps (if you first know what tension sounds good).

The Alien Drummer

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As far as keeping them tuned- are they in a controlled climate or in a garage with lots of temp/humidity changes? Or like me- in/out of a trailer, in/out of a club 2 or 3 times a week. I tune almost every time I play for that reason.

As far as getting a tone- that's fairly vague. What kind of a tone are you going for? What kind of drum is it? What's on the resonant side? All of these are variables with endless options for tones depending on the persons taste.

I don't know what you play BUT you are not going to get a $200 Pulse drum set to sound like a DW or Starclassic set. There are reasons why those drums cost more money.

Now, my opinion on heads: Personally I quit using the ebony pinstripes years ago for the same problems. IMO there's nothing like a good ole Remo Weather King Coated Ambassador.

But, every drum is different. Sometimes you just have to go through alot of heads before you find the one that suits your drum and you. If you have an experienced staff at your drum shop you can start by telling them what you are playing and having them make a suggestion.

Anywho, with more info maybe some good suggestions could be offered to solve those pesky problems......

Four Sticks

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Many ways to tune a drum, but here is a good site that gives you everything you need to know. http://www.drummingweb.com/technique.htm
I have ebony pinestripes on my hand made cocktail kit. They sound great, so I know they are good heads. However, some heads sound better on different drums. Your make of wood, shell thickness, and depth all play a big part on what head will best suit your drums.