Tuning To Specific Notes


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I have a new band and we are just starting to put some things together. Alot of what we play is in drop d and I was wondering what notes I should tune my drums to. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.


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tune them to tones you like, if you are using toms with two heads its physically impossible for you to get one pitch from them. Just tune them how like them to sound and don't worry about it.


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for the most part, DO NOT tune your drums to a specific note, because when it will come down to it, and your playing a fill on the toms, your guitarist is playing a riff, more times then not your notes will clash. his toms could be in a diminished triad, starting with A# on the bass, and you could be doing an augmented triad type of rift, thus massive clashing. UNLESS you take the time to write down the notes and take the time to make sure you harmonise both. But remember, one little slip and your tunings out of the park man, and not in the good sense.