Tuning Tips


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i hate tuning

it could be because i have a low end tama set and any imperfections in the tunings are very obvious, so i just cheat and use O-rings

it could be because im an extreme perfectionist.

what i do know about tuning is that it is typical to put your toms into thirds. when trying to do this you may want to use the tune "How (mid tom), much (high tom), is (mid tom again), that (low tom), Dog (lower tom)


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Simplest way to tune...I think it is on the drum bible as well.

Get the sound you want from the bottom head, and then match the top head.


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To get the fullest tone out of your drums you'll have to tune both batter and resonant heads the same. Just tune them to the lowest point at witch the drums produce a clean tone and that's it :)
For the bass.... I suggest removing the resonant head, tuning the batter the same way, roll a towel and tape it to the head, tune the reso the same way.