Tuning and upkeep on a snare (help!)


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I need some serious help with tuning my snare. I just bought a Ludwig supraphonic snare, which I am pretty happy with, but being that its the first snare i actually paid a nice chunk of money for, I want to learn how to take care of it and tune it properly. Anyone have any tips on how to tune a snare and any tips on general care on it, and how to make it sound the best it possibly could?




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Im not a big expert on tuning or anything, but I used this site to help me tune, I got a fairly good sound on my snare... Remember that tuning the bottom head of the snare affects the vibration of the snare too, so experiment with that to get some really nice sounds...The tighter the bottom head, the more the snare vibrates, the looser the bottom head... the less it vibrates...