True Pitch Tuning


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Right, here's the thing. I own a PDP CX kit, which is advertised as having True-Pitch Tuning, which to me means that it should have printed on each drum a note to tune it to. I am right in thinking this?

If that is the case, then my kit does not have this, believe me I've looked, it's not there, so could any one tell me what the notes are for a PDP CX kit in fusion sizes, which is a 10", 12" and 14" tom.

If of course I've got the meaning of True Pitch tuning wrong, then what does it mean?

Thanks for your help.


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true pitch tuning is dws tuning rod system. their rods have 8 more threads per inch (10/32 instead of the standard 10/24, this coming from their site) which allows you to fine tune your drums even more than other drums. the note printed in the shell is their timber matching thing that they do. pacifics dont have that.