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"Tron" is the first finished track from the latest in the series of Whitehall Sessions recordings. (3rd)

Basically, four of us get together (Rhodes/synth, Guitar, Bass, Drums/Toys) about once a year, set up a few microphones, and ease our way in and out of a 80-or-so minute "jam". Then we cut out the good parts and make them tracks. Sometimes it's funk, sometimes it's jazz, sometimes it's straight hard rock, sometimes it's just noise. We leave in coughs, mistakes, and other errant noises in an effort to keep it natural.

Please check out:

I hope no one thinks I'm hijacking the forum. I just like to post here because I get feedback from other musicians. Thanks y'all. And of course, let me know what you think.


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I like it. It reminds of the Ocean's soundtracks in that it's not straight up in your face, but it's so subtly amazing. It's the kind of music you listen when you want to have a good idea.

Really awesome in my opinion. :D