Triplets and 16s


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How could I make myself able to play triplets with left hand and sixteenths with right hand at the same time? :?


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get a metronome, wrote down a bar of sixteenth notes, write down a bar of triplets. next step, after its written down find out which notes line up (basically which notes will be doubles) that will be the basic skeleton. then just read of the paper to fill in the rest.

or the other way, get one hand going in 16th's and just try to put that on autopilot and work in your other hand with triplets a few notes at a time.

these are called "polyrythms" the easiest one to get you started and get a feel is to just go " Both hands, Right hand , Left hand, Right hand. do this over and over and focus on the right hand and you'll find its doing 8th notes. then try to focus on the left and you'll see its doing triplets.

pratcice stuff like these with your right hand maybe on a drum pad and your left on a pillow or the floor or something that sounds differant so you can isolate both hands. and try to work these with a metronome.