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hey whats a trigger? i've seen a lot of posts about them but i dont know what one is, so could you tell me please, thanks


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A trigger is basically a (usually springloaded) sensor (a normally open switch) that is set a very close distance (nearly touching <preferential>) from the drum head and attached to the hoop of a drum. The trigger runs to a sampling module, to which a sample of your given drum has been recorded, and from there to your PA. When the head is stricken the sensor sends a signal to the module, the module then sends the assigned audio sample for the given trigger to the PA.


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No, it's not springloaded :lol: It's Piezo Electric element that sends out a voltage (usually micro-volts) when struck or vibrates. The signal is then sent down the cord to a drum module which has pre-recorded sound files stored in it attached a certain midi note. Whatever midi note that input is tied to will then trigger the sound that you have selected before hand. The sound then comes out of the unit in stereo or mono, this can be sent to a direct input box that can convert into a mic-level signal.


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dwtoast72":312npgb5 said:
The trigger runs to a sampling module, to which a sample of your given drum has been recorded, and from there to your PA.
The bolded section highlighted above is only one example of what can be triggered. Actually, the triggered sound can be anything you want it to be. Your only limit is your imagination.

For instance, I play in a reggae band. I have a trigger mounted on my kick and on one of my snares. I have each one running to a Roland SPD-20 where I have assigned them to trigger orch hits for a dancehall style breakdown we do in one of the tunes.

As we write new tunes, I will most likely use the triggers in other capacities. Once I get my SPD-S, the sky's the limit. Have fun.


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Think of it this way
When you have a keyboard , there is a certain sound assigned to each key
When you press it down, it plays the sound (piano, organ, synth etc...) at the pitch appropriate to the normal note assigned to a piano (there are exceptions but this is a genereality)
A trigger is one note (bass drum, shaker, wood block etc..)
You can take it a step further and use a sampler as well
If you have a sampler, there is virtually nothing you can't have triggered by the bass drum (or any trigger)
Glass breaking, your girlfriend bitching you out etc....
All you need to do is assign that "note" to the trigger


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there are pros and cons of triggers...

PROS - ok triggers are good for certain things there good cuz the slightest touch to the tigger pad or the drum head it will activate it and make the sound so the good thing about them is it will help you keep your rolls on snares and your double bass clean as hell after while cuz if you rest your foot on the bass drum head and stuff itll set off and make the noise i like them because they eventually will make everything you do clean and smooth. plus live sumtimes the bass drum is kinda dead and your snare too.

CONS - well its also just one more thing that can mess up on you. plus also people consider using trigger on your bass drum (cheating) and in a way it it cuz usually you have to give your bass drum a good kickin to get a good sound out of it and with triggers the slightest touch will sound like your kicking the fuck outta it depending on how you have your samples and module set up. also like i said there electronic and it is one more thing that can fuck up your live show or just mess up in general so yea.

theres my view on tiggers =]
good luck man!
also im in need of some ekits if anyone has any or know where i can get some hahaha.