Trick Drums?


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OK, I have been hearing alot about the Trick drums. I know some drummers on this forum use them, so this is for you. Are they realy that good? I mean the adds say that they sound just as good if not better than wood drums. The reason I ask is... I am a die hart Pearl fan. I have been useing pearl masters for 4 years now. I am getting ready to buy another kit. I love Pearl but I was thinking of getting something a little more custom. Now I have heard OCDP, SPAWN, PORK PIE and all the others like that and I dont like them BUT I have never heard or played a trick kit. So I would like some info about the way the sound, feel, look and how much they cost! because if they cost like $5000 for the basic kit, I wood just a soum to buy a Pearl Master Works kit, so some info wood be kick ass, Thanks to all who will reply.


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Zen_drummer has a TRICK kit. Either PM him about it or go to his page or he'll reply here himself :)


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My Trick kit is the best set I have every played and I've owned a LOT of drums from most of the High End manufacturers, but... I have never had Pearl Master Series so I cannot do a direct comparison.

A lot of the reasons I decided to give TRICK a try are outlined in my blog, which is located here: ... 90bf3e4686

If you have any questions after reading that, I would be happy to answer them either in private, or in the public forum.

Now, about the price... It's going to depend a lot on what finish you get and the number of drums, etc. But I should mention that there is only one series of drums. They are ALL the same quality, the only difference IS the finish. A basic kit will cost quite a bit less money than you mentioned.

The sound: Big and warm.

The looks: Mine is freakin gorgeous and it LOOKS like they are very special, and they are!

The Feel:... Imagine being able to play with a wider dynamic range on a kit that just sings when you play them.

We can get into more specific areas if you like.


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Not to go too far off topic, but it's really hard to compare a Trick product with Spaun or Pork Pie. They're just really different, which is a big reason why all of them can exist as smaller companies in an extremely competitive market.

I'll let zen handle the details on Trick drums. One of the reasons people go to Spaun and Pork Pie is because they are known for a couple of things: extreme customization and excellent craftsmanship. Bill Detamore of Pork Pie, for example, is known for outstanding work in cutting bearing edges. People send drums to him from all over the world just so he can do the cutting.

That may sound like too much detail, but that's what you pay for. If I'm not mistaken, Pork Pie specializes in a double-sided 45 degree cut. The cut allows the head to "float" more on the bearing edges, produces much more tone and range. You usually see extreme cuts like this on snare drums, but they can produce unique and interesting qualities in all kinds of drums. Bill will basically cut your bearing edges to whatever you want, and you know when he does it he'll get it right.

This doesn't make Pork Pie or Spaun or Fibes or Noble & Cooley or any of the other small custom shops better than your high-end Pearls, they're just different. That's what you pay far. That and personal touch and craftsmanship. Custom drums are in fact a growing industry, and there's probably at least one quality shop in your neighborhood. LA is a fairly big market for custom drums, and it's getting so specialized, people like Lee Smith at Drum Paradise are cutting a name for themselves making one thing. Lee has probably the hottest custom product in percussion right now, his Hitmaker snare drum that's showing up in studios all over the world.

OTOH, one of the reasons you don't see X big name touring drummer playing Pork Pie on his world tour is service. He can't call up Bill from Japan and say, "Hey, I need a 9x13 tom delivered to the stadium for tomorrow's concert." That's where it's beneficial to have a sponsorship through a big manufacturer like DW or Tama or Pearl. They have artist reps and equipment all around the world just for that kind of scenario. X artist can call his rep from Germany and get a replacement bass drum on a moment's notice.

Yet again, sometimes when you need something unique, you're not going to go to the international supermanufacturer. Chris Whitten decided he wanted some custom mounted concert toms for the World Party U.S. tour. He called up Noble & Cooley who produced a great product for him. They really sounded (and looked) good.

So there are plusses and minuses to all this stuff. Once you get into a certain price range, say $1,100, it's really hard to find bad gear. What's best for you is going to depend a lot on what you want it for and what kind of service you'll need.


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another thing to consider is the other Trick products, I know they just came out with some double bass pedals that resemble the Axis longboards and a number of drum hardware such as the snare strainer they have which is popular for people building drums(I put one on the snare I built which is the one on my avatar). I think they also have 2 or 3 snares made out of aircraft alluminum I believe if im not mistaken. Maybe they could give you a deal on some other stuff if you buy some drums from them.


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I have used the trick drums for several types of gigs and they are UNBELEIVABLE!! I'm such a fan that I now build aluminum drums as one of my lines. I loved them because they are sensitive down low but when you give em a good solid whack they come to life with a sound that has the best of birch and maple in it! The kick drum was flat out incredible. I have never heard a kick drum thump like thus one. We had a 20x22 and I mean 22 deep! It was a cannon. The Snare was a 13x7 and had the response of a piccolo but the guts of a thin wood drum. The GS700 snare throws are hands down my favorite throw ever made! I was in love with the kit the first time I heard it! As far as the price I don't understand why they are so expensive beings it actually costs less to build an aluminum kit than a wood one but also not everyone has access to the tools it takes as well. Plus with the Powder coat finish you can take em to hell and back as many times as you want LOL. We had the psycho Lime! You can't miss it on stage! so to answer the question are they worth it i would say you just gotta hear em to believe em! As far as the durability of the lugs we made a single ply maple drum and the lugs actually pulled apart the drum. SoI wouldn't reccomend them for a wood snare! but for their aluminum snares and any toms and kicks they look great and Trick makes awesome awesome products. I use the Pro1v double pedal and I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER KIND!!


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I got to play a Trick set recently, and I too fell in love with these kits. Incredible sound and build quality. The Pro1v double pedal is also incredible.

Saving up even as we speak.