Trick Dominator worth it?


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So im getting a new pedal for christmas (using stock ludwig one now) and i hear that axis or trick are th way to go but i've seen quite a bit of people saying that nothing compares to trick. The only trick in my range is the Dominator(the black one), how does it compare to the Axis? Is it really worth it to get a trick or axis or should i just get something cheaper like one of the DW's?

by the way i'm talking single pedals here. My band doesn't really call for double pedal though i'd like to learn it at some point, i think it's more important to get amazing with one foot first before going to two.


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I have Dominators and I would say they are absolutely worth it! I always wanted to like both Axis and DW but anytime I played them I felt let down. The Trick pedals came with a lot of hype and they have not disappointed. I would say however that if you see yourself playing doubles in the near future to go ahead and get them now and get both feet working together. You wouldn't learn one hand at a time, and while it's true you can practice footwork using the hi hat pedal, it is by no means the same. Then again if you don't see using doubles very much the need for a top of the line set of pedals is unnecessary and as I've found a single pedal of just about any brand and level will do the job, if your technique is good. I learned fast doubles using the heel toe technique on a cheap tama strap drive pedal that came with my original drum set.


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Note that the Dominator only comes as a longboard. If you like that feel, you'll be pleased. If you're not sure, try one first to make sure you like it. It's a great power pedal, but a little sluggish on 16ths or faster.



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Trick was having problems, I believe it was with the linkage, when the Dominators first came out, but I believe they were resolved. They seem to be nice pedals for the money.