Trick Bigfoots vs Axis A longboards


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Howepirate":1bdajyn3 said:
Axis are cheaper and the industry standard for direct-drive pedals.
This is pretty much the case from my perspective. Also, I've heard nightmares about Trick customer "service".

keith bushey

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I play double bass drums, and love my Axis Longboards!! Their less expensive, fast, quiet, responsive, and great for bare-foot "heel-toe" players like myself. Customer service is second to none! I designed a set of spurs for mine and talked to the Axsis Techs about what I fabricated, they were thankful for my input and very interested in what I had done. Their just an awsome company with a great quallity product......and the best part...MADE IN USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I use one set of axis longboards and one set of regular axis pedals andi love them both. but those trick pedals are insane. the compression spring is really what made me want them, and the fact that you can ajust anything using only a drum key