Trash Can Drum


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Hey guys. Me and my friend are tryin to make a drum out of a trash can. (Sound's silly I know.) I've looked online but it only gives me things that children would use. I want a REAL trash can drum. Anyone know how?


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Here's some pages to help get you started. Although these pages deal directly with surdo construction, the theory and practice remains the same no matter the size of the drum. It's always a good idea to think "Brazil" when making metal drums because drums such as the repinique, surdo, repique de mao etc all began as metal cans. People even made pandeiros out of steel cans!

Good luck!


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are you trying to do the same thing as the custom percussionists in slipknot? if so, they use kegs, not trash cans
if u aren't trying to do that, then disregard what im telling u


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HAHA. No, I know those are kegs and thats not what I'm going for. But I'm impressed by the reference though. Nah, I'm really lookin to turn a real trash can into a useable drum. I've gotten a few suggestiongs already but if anyone has anymore I most certainly will not knock them. I've actually been thinking about making an entire rig of them. Different sizes, materials, and any other variable.

P.S. Slipknot owns


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sry man but the street drum corps beat ya to it its a prety nice drum to check them there i think like a band you like if you like bangin nonstop beats on anything


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if you hit the sides of the can with ine stick you can get a cool effect when you hit the top of the can with the other stick, we had the whole percussion class play a song called stinkin garbage!!!! it kicked ass i suggest using marching snare sticks


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try searching for a band called street drum corp it will show u that they play everything from trashcans to kegs to buckets an so fourth, and i saw them live a few times and i was just amazed, good luck and i will try searching around for some sites that might sho you how to do it.
well there are a lot of songs where the trash can is hit
Spit It Out

And I have a trash can set up right next to me when I play that song if no one wants to hit it.


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For starters, you can try collecting cans that are not that are good, I mean, without any bulges in them. You can try putting leather on the mouths to create yourself a trash can drum. We have tried this long back. It didn’t work well though!