tossing sticks : O


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well, ive been playing about 3 years self taught (gonna take some advanced lessons soon) and, up until now, have come along awesomely. for some odd reason, for about the past 2 months, ive had this little problem where ill go into a fill or just be playing a beat and bam, the stick goes flying out of my hand. im pretty sure its just a technique problem. it dosnt happen very often, but im afraid ill be in a show and ill toss a stick and screw the whole thing up :( does this ever happen to any of you?


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mistakes happen
thats why you always keep spare sticks
the art of dropping sticks
is that you can grab another one and keep playing
without messing everything up

Mike T

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Yeah no big deal it is really no different than breaking a stick you still need to grab a new one or turn it around so it is good to practice dropping and grabbing another from your stick tray...


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I discovered this trick when I saw Dale Crover from the Melvins do it
Keep a stick or two in the small of your back (or butt crack if you prefer)
I have never been able to recover a stick faster than this way
You don't have to make eye contact with the stick
You just reach around and there it is
I often wondered why guys kept their guns in that area
Now I know


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i drop sticks from time to time, i have a stick bag hanging on my drums with extra sticks...also, practice playing different beats with one arm incase you have to while you are reaching for a stick. if you get that down, it also looks cool to just play some songs with one arm.


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Wow! The butt crack idea is pretty awesome but then your sticks would smell like butt sweat!! lol!!


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I think dropping sticks is one of those great spontaneous on-stage things... the crowd members who see will be wowed if you pull it off!!! And if your bandmates see it, they'll have fun too.


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yes I always like it when I watch a stick flying through the air in slow motion while playing... gone ...

I have a stick holder clamb on the HiHat stand, I praticed grabbing a new stick for a while, works nice. And I always loose the right hand .. I don't know why.


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Well, this is perfectly natrual just like if your stick breaks... But some things to help are... Make sure your Fulcrum (however you spell it) Is nice and secure.. Also, one thing that I notice happens a lot is when a drummer is in a fill and his stick gets traped under a ride or on the side of a rim... These can be fixed by just getting your set to feel like a second skin. If a drum constantly feels like it is too much in or too much to the right, don't be afraid to adjust it...

Your human you will mess up, every one does, I saw a bootleg show that Slipknot did, and Joey's 32nd notes on his kicks were turned into 16th flams.. No one is perfect... Just relax...

Danny Cayocca