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I find that a 45 degree angle works for me. I used to have them more tilted, but recently put them a bit flatter, and I love it.


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I used to have them way tilted, but I soon discovered that it was stupid to do that, so now they are alot flatter. Not totally flat, but flat enough.

dave lynch

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It really depends on how high they are....real low means less tilted...higher means more tilted...Play air drums and imagine the toms being where you want them to be...That should tell you how high...then tilt from there...Anyway that's my opinion..!!


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just a tad bit a tilt should do man =] having them flat is too much up and over motion and itll get you tired quicker.


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Depends on how you play and your ability with finger control. I like floors flat and rack(s) nearly flat but just barely tilted. My racks are shallow though so I can set them low. Flatter angle gives me better stick response from the head. If you have deeper toms you gotta tilt em' unless you like to sit realllllyyyy high.