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so, i have a tama swingstar set, kinda shitty but i make it work. however, my only problem is i can't get my toms to sound like i want them too. I have stock resonant heads still and aquarian response II batter heads. when i put the aquarians on and tuned both heads the way i wanted to, it was extremely ringy. so i bought those remo muf'ls which work well but their TOO muffled. any suggestions? is it my resonant heads? if so any suggestions on replacements?


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There can be a lot of answers to your questions. Heres a few I made up. Im sure other people can make up different ones.

1. You have never played your drums open and so arent used to the sound you think you want and therefore it is too ringy.
2. You have always depended on muting devices to make your drums sound less ringy, and therefor less open, with no projection.
3. You have always played your drums in a room that is 12x12 or thereabouts, and consequently, constantly depended on muting the drums down due to the overpowering assault of sound.
4. Youve never really read or tried to implement the advice found in the Drum Tuning Bible
5. You have never disciplined yourself to learning how to tune.
6. You dont adapt well at all.
7. New heads arent your answer. Save your money.

Thats my take.

Read the DTB, practice.


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Resonance is good. At a live show, without that resonance no one would hear you.

But, Moongels (those little blue gel squares) will cut down on the ring, and the overtones if you really want to kill that resonance.


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I use Coated Response 2 heads. One of the last things they are is ringy.

While oozing with sarcasm, which cracked me up, Ploughman's post was dead on.

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Get some better resonant heads and tune both sides well. You'll be surprised at the difference in sound. If you don't want as much ring, I'd suggest tuning the resonant head to the same pitch as the batter, or a 1/4 turn lower.

Maybe invest in some moongel or studio rings (not the muff's).


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I have the same set (5-piece), and I agree the toms don't seem to sound very good without any muffling. I took a few lessons by a professional drumming (as in working as a drummer) and had him try to tune my 12" tom so it would sound good. He didn't get it very good sounding without the rings (overtone-killers) either, but I suppose he might be able to do so with more time (he only worked on it for like 30 minutes). I use Remo Ambassador Powerstroke 3 on my batter-sides and Remo Ambassadors on my reso side, I love their sound! If your setup is like mine, 12" 13" 14" 16" I recommend these rings (click me), they're absolutely amazing! I wouldn't say they kill your drums volume much, and the two gigs I've played using them they've been great to me and I've asked if people can hear me well enough - and yes they have. We haven't really played very high volume music live yet though.


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Everyone be nice. I bet you need to loosen up those resonate heads. Here is a trick to get some of that snare ring out of toms. The four rods that suround both sides of the stainer. Loosen em up a bit. Some rings are bad, some are good. I'll take DONG........ over DUNK. any day.


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werd. thanks fellas.
by the way, i have played my drums open, and they are in a big room. not so sure how well you'd rate my adaptability but i like to think its pretty good. ill check out that bible tho. can't hurt.