To create a partition for drumset`


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Hey! I have a Roland TD 12, electronic drum set. I heard that i could connect it to my laptop and while i play on the E.Drumset, it writtes my rythme and melody on it.
But here is the catche: I don t know what cable i need and what programme i need for that. Can anyone informe me for that? I m looking for the lowest cost as possible! Thanks!


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we need to know what signal/information you want 'recorded' on your computer.
There is software available to record whatever it sends, but it depends on what you want to capture:

Audio signal = recording software (cakewalk, cubase, protools, logic...)

midi signal = recording software

written transcription of music = transcribing software (sibelius, etc...)

the type of cable you will require will depend on what information it is that you wish to record. Please specify:

Stereo audio
multi-track audio
musical transcription (written music)


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You can pick up an inexpensive MIDI USB interface (M-Audio UNO, or similar, about $40) that should work. Your laptop should have a soundcard (if you can play music on it, it has a soundcard), but that won't be needed for recording the midi signal, which is not sound, but just data. Many Audio/MIDI recording software packages (Cubase, etc.) have notation/scoring functions, but that might be overkill. Finale would work, I think


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here's one way:

Use a Midi/USB combo cable (so that you don't need any adapters).
Connect the midi to your TD-12, the USB to your laptop. Record using some sort of program (plenty of free ones that will work just fine, just google for something like audacity) as midi, or convert it to midi(some programs let you do this before you save a recording the first time if you tell it to.)
Now you need to open something like Finale and import the midi into it.

In theory this should all work, but I've never done it with drums before, only piano and I'm not sure if Finale has a drum notation system in it that will correctly disply what you played in any readable form.


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it seems that i have some problems for connecting all the devices. to connect by cables, i use the midisport uno. Then i use the programme audacity.
But it seems that the program and the midi don t connect together. If they do, then i don t know how. Can somebody help me?