Tips for a healthy back


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grannydrums":zjsoqmhi said:
actually my band say i look more like a MILF--when they are not screaming about how much room I take up. Thats probably why they hide me behind the amps, dont like the band looking if the drummer sent his granny along
Heh so you did see that message....

I support you 100%. Whatever I can do to help further your endeavor, I will. Just ask. :)


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Great post BillRay!
I've been nursing a suspect back for years. The crap hit the fan for me in '02, when my herniated L4 vertebrae decided to fragment. I had to be carried out of my house by an ambulance crew. I had a partial discectomy surgery in August of that year. Knock on wood, I've been relatively pain-free since then. Still some stiffness every once in a while. Luckily, I see a very good chiropracter every month -- he keeps in alignment.
I've got my eye on a SoundSeat. Someday I hope to afford it!


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The back muscles are easily the most neglected when it comes to working out and fitness. It's all good having great pecs and biceps, but you HAVE to balance it out with a strong back as well.

I find inverted rows are very good for the upper back muscles, and they're a pretty easy excercise to master. For the lower back, I like deadlifts, but before you try those make damn sure you have the right technique and know your limit, because it's very easy to screw your back right up overexerting yourself or doing them improperly.


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wow, this thread just made me realize how much I slouch. I read this last nite around 5, and since then Ive been walking and sitting with as good posture as I can manage. It just feels good to sit with good posture.


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Drumosaurus":2uktiwv4 said:
wow, this thread just made me realize how much I slouch. I read this last nite around 5, and since then Ive been walking and sitting with as good posture as I can manage. It just feels good to sit with good posture.
Haha yeah I had that problem too. I used to always notice that I slouched when I walked. I kept it in concious thought not to slouch and now a couple months later I have much better posture.

It doesn't seem like too hard of a habit to break. Then again, I'm good at breaking habits

Brian L

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in my experience, if my throne is really low, my back gets really messed up. so i usually make my throne kinda high up, it seems to straighten my back and making it easier to do more complicated foot pedal beats.


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I'm 23 and already have back problems. My dad, being a percussionist and my teacher, constantly nagged me about standing up tall, don't out for your back. And I thank him.
For me, being only 15, still growing and marching a 35lb drum everyday.I know its probably done some damage. I've done a lot of marching, and drum corp work. And our drum instructors constantly were on us about how we stand when that drum is on. I know years of being a percussionist and lugging around my own equipment from gig to gig on my own has done a number. That why I insist on weekly back massages from the boyfriend. ha. Oh, and I'm trying to stop the nasty habit of cracking my own back. Bill Ray, I'm going to kudos you for that article. I was just saying last night how my back ached.



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FiestyRedDrummEr":2oyb7frl said:
I insist on weekly back massages from the boyfriend. ha.
It's the same with me and my fiancee, Stacey.

I always had a not so perfect posture throughout childhood. Add on to that 6 years of lugging around my own gear and it's already started to take its toll on my back. Working in an office doesn't do me any wonders either....oh and I'm only 18



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Indeed it is Feisty.

We got engaged the last day of July. I proposed on stage right after I had finished playing a set. *Cue image of big ol sweaty breathless me getting down on one knee trying to get the words out :lol: *

Thanks for the kind words :mrgreen:



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DrummerByron":3uifyzxj said:
This is a good article, but what about drummers? Those flat round seats play havoc with my back. I would love to get one with back support but I don’t have the money to plop down on one. Is a motorcycle seat better for the back? It also seems like if you don’t have your drums as close as possible to your arms the you sometimes have to extend your body to reach the tom’s or cymbals. What advice would you give to a drummer?
straighten your spine and sit up straight...
it's okay to lean to reach parts of the drums but the default position should be to sit straight...

thrones usually have no back rest and this is the reason why posture should be correct to avoid injuries...

sticky this one
nice post


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I thought it was interesting to come across this article today, because I had a gig last night and was noticing today how sore my back was.

This was a great article I'm definitely gonna work on some of those exercises. After playing sports my entire adolescence, my back developed problems early. It also doesn't help that I've slept on my stomach my entire life. That's something to really watch out for. I also invested in one of the Roc 'n' Soc thrones not to long ago and have been happy with it ever since.

I've never had a problem with slouching at the drum set but found that as I learned double bass, at first I would lean backwards and put a lot of strain on my lower back. As I've improved on double bass I have begun to avoid that, but catch myself doing it again when I get tired.

Great article!!


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Great, useful post. The back is very complicated and taking care of it now can go a long way toward preventing many forms of back problems in the future.


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I find it impossible to look forward when walking. For some reason I always have to look down to see what I'm walking on. It's not a self esteem issue, I have no problems there.