Time for new heads


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My Club Custom Kit features a mix of Birch and Mahogany. I currently have coated ambassador on the batter and clear ambassador on the bottom. The batters are 6 months old and the resos are 12 years old, I'm going to be recording sometime in the next month or so, so I'm looking to find heads that really sound good, aren't we all, lol

okay, so I've gone through the DTB. Here's what I've know.

Mahogany has a 20% increase of low end over Maple
Birch has a 10% decrease in low end over Maple, but a 20% increase in highs.
Coated heads are warmer than clear.
2ply are more mellow than 1ply.

Now I don't know at what ratio my kit is made between the Mahogany and Birch, I would assume it's more Birch because Birch is cheaper, but I don't know. I also don't know what cut the bearing edge at one point was suppose to be. I don't want to know what it currently is because, if it's bad, it aint getting fixed. I got no money for that. But I don't seem to have a tuning problem with my kit. I also don't know how thick my drums are from a ply perspective.

So after all that, here's the crux of my issue. Mahogany and Birch seem to be somewhat contradictory woods. But how do I chose a drum head that best suits the drum?

I'm thinking of going with Remo Coated Emperor's on the batter and Coated Ambassador on the bottom.

I think the Emperor's will really bring out the lows of the Mahagony and the Ambassador will keep the attack of the Birch.

Is there any flaws in my logic? Do you have any suggestions or ideas that I should consider?

My end goal is to purchase heads that work with the wood to make the best sound possible, as opposed to putting on heads that my favorite drummers use, or to try and force my kit to sound like maple drums.


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TLG, hope you don't mind if I piggy ride on your post. I too am looking for new heads to replace the stock heads on my yamaha stage custom.

According to Yamaha: Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau shells are constructed of an outer ply of Birch (gloss finishes), six plies of Philippine Mahogany, and an inner ply of Falkata. The shells produce a warm tone with a low fundamental with a good balance of attack and sustain.

So far all my reading and investigating have led me to this which might work for your kit as well:

Toms - Aquarian Response 2 Texture Coated. (I always thought I liked clear heads better but have found that I'm more fond of coated heads)

Snare - Aquarian Texture Coated Power Dot or Studio X TC.

Keeping the clear stock reso's for now. The aquarians seem to have pretty good reviews regarding the quality of construction and sound across many of the boards vs remo or evans.