Thrash beats


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for you metal and punk rock drummers... do you double your hats on your kick/snare beats or single. i've been singling my hats on my thrash beats because its easier for me to play solid, but im not sure if it sounds cheesy or not. your thoughts....


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Listen to "Stormtroopers Of Death - Speak English Or Die". That's how to play thrash beats.


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You're definitely supposed to double it up. When I first started playing some Thrash beats, it was really hard for me, and I only did singles on the hi-hat, or ride, but after doing doubles awhile at a slower pace, it gets waaayyy easier.


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I call them "cheat beats"
Unless you're playing them extremely fast
Then they become "blast beats" which are just as hard as doubling up on thrash beats


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I double mine. Then when it gets to blast beats you can only really do single unless ur some sort of machine lol.


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Well, when you are playing Realllyyyy fast, it is kind of hard to double up for extended periods of playing. Like, everyone will tell you, start slow and work up. It helps if you do alot of chop excersizes with your hands as well. When you're doing these chop excersizes, use heavier sticks, I like to use a set of marching snare sticks. They're longer and much heavier than a 5a or 5b stick, so it takes more effort to control them, consequently strengthening your muscles. If you're looking for a nice chop building snare stick, get a pair of Vic-Firth, Dennis Delucia's. They're like playing with logs, but they pay off in the long run.


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I double them too, because in the ending it just sounds soo much more violently! A hi-hat cymbal is working at it's peak in such beats, and you have to be the one, slapping it on the ass to keep it going! It does however depends on the music and stuff, but in trash-metal, and I think in all sorts of metal, the polka is always played with 16th hihat-notes.
Try to learn the up and down stroke. Once you get it, it will mean alot for your speed and control.

And yeah, a single hi-hatted polka is just a very slow, lame-ass blast beat. :lol: :lol: :wink:


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I find I prefer to double the hats as well. I think it gives the songs a more energetic-punkish feel, but you have to be careful. If the guitar lines are doing some ultra fast picking doubling your hats can muddy up the over all sound texture of the song. If it's fast enough all that hi-hat will sound like white noise. Some times you have to leave room for the other instruments to speak. Old Kreator would have sounded like mush if Ventor doubled all those hi hat lines.