this versus that, dominion maple vs dominion amx


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http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=489718

http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=449393

whats' your take on those both? i'm getting antsy for a new set, and these two look like theyd fit the bill. I like the look of the maple a little better, but i cant find the specs for the shells on musicians friend or ddrums site (at least not in that finish) but no ones really played them or reviewd them. then theres the AMX, if anyone here has them or has played them what do you think?


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Everyone always talks about the bearing edge issue with Ddrum but like I've said before I have a Dominion maple kit and the edges are fine and the kit sounds amazing. I mean, there's better kits out there of course but for the price you cant go wrong.
I'm pretty sure the sizes for the maple kit are 7x13 snare, 8x12 rack, 12x16 floor tom and a 20x22 bass drum.


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I have a set of the Dominion amx Dorians. My previous set was a burnt orange Tama SCP, Before that was a set of butcher block Ludwigs. I had to sell the previous kits due to hardship and when I was ready to jump back in I went with these. Gotta tell ya, I like them alot. Are they the same quality as the other two? Not at all, but they didn't cost $1500 either. I put good heads on them and got rid of the suspension mount for a snare stand and I think they sound just as good as the others(let the beatings begin). I've had no problems with the edges, and people say that the finish is fragile but if you treat it like the instrument that it is you should have no problems.

full setup,

dorian amx in orange
sabian vault:
18 and 20 inch crashes
14 inch hats
20 inch ride
8 and 10 inch splashes
20 inch china
pdp 900 cymbal stands
pearl snare stands
tama pedals with rubber beaters, lever glide hat
remo heads on toms and bass reso
evans on snare and bass batter


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I owned the ash Dorian with 24" kick and just purchased the Dominion maple. Both great kits ... no bearing edge issues but I had a bass claw snap under moderate tension once. Thats it. Where else can you get die cast black chrome hoops, all maple shells and really nice finishes for under $900 on a 5 pc shell pack? DDRUM is a good value and they sound great too.