This should make sense, but for some reason it doesn't.


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Hi guys,

I was going through this book and decided to stop on this page. I tried reading it and playing it correctly but I was having difficulty finding exactly how it should sound rhythmically. I know it must mathematically make sense the way it is written, but can someone help me better understand it? Either the 16ths are really fast, or its written weird. Hm, help would be much appreciated!




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The 2 sets of triplets are played fast, then it goes to 2 with the triplets on the end starting on "and" and flowing into "3" and the last eighth note being "and."

Hope this helps.


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Just make sure that you play it slowly at first, and definitely think about the fact that each set of triplet-16ths must occur in the space of one eighth-note.


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As I drum this out on my computer, it reminds me of the bass/snare rhythm pattern on "My name is mud" by Primus. Hope that helps if you haven't figured it out yet!